Ask Kim: Reaching Your Big Financial Goals

Dear Kim, 

How can I save up enough money to take a dream vacation? When I say dream vacation, I want to visit Greece and go on an excursion throughout the country. I am 40 now and my goal is to take this dream vacation before I turn 50. What are some ways that I can begin saving and planning my trip now? Thank you! 


Traveling Tracy

Dear Tracy,

What a great goal, and a little bit of discipline is all you need here. Plan out your trip and decide  about how much it will cost. Then divide that number into the number of months between now and when you need to start paying for it and save that amount each month in a separate account. The easiest way is to make it automatic, have an auto draft done each payday into your savings account. . Remember that inflation will cause prices to rise between now and then and take that into account. I hope you enjoy Greece and all it has to offer, and be sure to visit Santorini while you’re there. Don’t forget  to save a little extra for the unexpected expenses that are sure to arise on your trip.



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