Ask Kim

Ask Kim: Rethinking Retirement

Kim, I recently hit my mid-30s, and it hit me like a ton of bricks – I haven’t really thought about retirement. A rep from my company’s human resources department is coming to talk about our options regarding 401(k). I think I… Read more »

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Ask Kim: Finances After Divorce

Dear Kim, I feel like I’ve tried to write this message a hundred times now, but it’s hard to describe my situation. I’m still reeling. My husband of 34 years came home one day last month and absolutely blindsided me, asking for… Read more »

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Ask Kim: Financially Flummoxed

Dear Kim, I’m recently divorced. While I was married, I was a stay-at-home mother to our two children, who are now grown and have left the nest for college. The divorce was amicable, so my ex-husband helped me for a bit while… Read more »

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Ask Kim: Taxed in Tennessee

Dear Kim, I started my own small business last year (yay!) but I’m still navigating the financial side of things (specifically tax season). I’m not entirely sure what I can plan to write off once tax season is here, which makes me… Read more »

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Ask Kim: Seeking Stability

Dear Kim,  I tried to be proactive and make a financial plan for myself when I got my first “big girl” job after college. It’s been a few years now, and I’m beginning to realize that I may have outgrown my plan,… Read more »

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Ask Kim: Where to Start

Dear Kim, My parents never talked about money because they didn’t want me and my siblings to worry. While I appreciate the way they protected us, I now realize in adulthood that I don’t know how to handle my OWN money. I… Read more »

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