Ask Kim

Ask Kim: When Parents Need Help

This week’s question for Kim: “A year ago, my husband and I invited my mother to move in with us. She needs around-the-clock care and we can’t afford a nurse. I’m happy to help my mother, but I’ve had to cut back… Read more »

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Ask Kim: Budgeting 101

Dear Kim,  I’m a single mother working two jobs, but I may have to pick up a third. I already feel like I’m failing my kids by missing so many school programs due to picking up shifts, but I’m doing my best… Read more »

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Ask Kim: Economics 101

Dear Kim,  I want my children to be better prepared to handle their finances than I was as a young adult. I want to contact the school board and implore them to include an economics course. Could you supply some reasons advocating… Read more »

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Ask Kim: Defining Your Nest Egg

Dear Kim, It’s been a rough year for me with my investments.  I’ve used some of my savings for expensive home repairs and helped my son financially during a recent child custody challenge.  I’ve seen a 25% drop in my nest egg. … Read more »

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So What’s Your Plan for the Bear Market? David BoothExecutive Chairman and FounderJun 22, 2022 A lot of people are stressed out about a lot of things right now. Markets are down. Pricesare up for many of the things you need to… Read more »

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Ask Kim: Credit Cards 101

Dear Kim, Financial planning was never one of my strong suits and now, it’s gotten me into a financial bind. I don’t have a lot of credit card debt but what I do have, I see is hurting me. I began paying… Read more »

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