Market Updates

Explaining Inflation

Even though the topic of inflation has been in the news for much of the last year or so, the levels of inflation we have recently seen isn’t something most current investors had previously experienced, so there is some continuing education we wanted to do as a short refresher on the subject. Click here to read more.

Value’s Rebound and the Importance of Discipline

In their most recent video, Co-CEO and CIO Gerard O’Reilly puts value’s recent performance in context and underscores the importance of investor discipline. Click here and then select ‘Individual Investor’ to watch this video.

2021 Q1 Quarterly Review

Please watch the Quarterly Review provided by our Investment Partner, East Bay Investment Solutions. Mario Nardone, CFA, the speaker in the video, does an amazing job reviewing all the things that may be causing you concern. If you have any comments or questions after you listen to this 15-minute video, please let me know.

Join us for our 2021 Q2 Market Update. Please contact me if you have any questions.