Financial Education Classes

Teaching is a passion of mine.

One way I do that is through Women’s Circles. We have done a poor job in our country teaching women they can save, invest and make sound financial decisions. I believe they can, they just haven’t been given the tools they need. In the Circles, 4-8 women will meet and go through 6 sessions covering everything from assets, debts, insurance, retirement, estate planning and leaving a financial legacy to those that come after you. The sessions are very low key, collaborative in nature and the women learn from each other. I’m available to work with individuals, friend groups, and coworkers. If you have a group of women that would be interested, please contact me and we can schedule a time to get together. In this current environment, we can meet over Zoom.

Financial Planning for Divorce

I have also taught Financial Planning for Divorce through UT’s Non-Credit program and am available to teach it again on a requested basis. This class goes through all the things you may not have thought of as you plan to go through the divorce process. This class is better on the front end before you begin.

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