Comprehensive Financial Planning

Yogi Berra had a quote that went something like this…’If you don’t know where you’re going, you’ll end up someplace else’.

He’s right. A financial plan is simply a way to define, understand and then accomplish the goals you have for your life. A comprehensive financial plan will take each of those goals and address them singly and then as a whole. We’ll spend some time exploring what those goals and desires are before beginning the planning part. Many clients haven’t ever really thought about what their goals are beyond a vague ‘I’d like to retire someday and maybe travel’. As we talk through your ideas about where you want your future to go, we’ll work on defining your goals into something tangible. Then the planning begins. You will find such satisfaction when you see your future desires (and even some present ones) on paper with a plan for making them a reality. I look forward to walking that path with you.

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