Ask Kim: Values and Vacations

Dear Kim,

My husband and I have different investment styles and goals, which often leads to conflicts when discussing our financial plans. How can we compromise? We both understand the value of a dollar, but he has a harder time justifying things like vacations, even when we’ve budgeted for them! He’s so worried for our future that he isn’t letting himself enjoy the present. What are some ways I can help him understand one vacation isn’t going to break the bank? After all, this is my money, too, (we have a joint bank account, and we both work), and I don’t want to feel guilty for taking time off and spending a little after a hard year at work.


Valuing a Vacation

Dear Valuing a Vacation,

This is a common issue I see with couples. Working with a financial planner who can show you are on track for retirement may help him see that you can both save and spend a little. I often find that seeing the numbers on paper can help to come to that understanding on both parts. It helps to have goals to work toward, such as when would you like to retire and what amount in today’s dollars will you need to fund your desired retirement. If you can agree on that, allowing yourselves to take vacations will be easier.  I would also encourage you to sit down with a counselor that can help you work through your differences in perspective.

Money issues are a leading cause of divorce, but hopefully, he will be willing to sit down and come to an understanding of your position, as well as you working to understand his.

I wish you the best as you work toward building a stronger marriage.



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