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I’m in my late forties and hope to retire in the next fifteen years. I know it’s early, but I’m doing my homework now so that I can be prepared for the future. Once I’m retired and am eligible for Medicare, what happens to my annual medical expenses? Do they drop drastically? I worry that Medicare is a base model of sorts. Is there a supplemental plan that I can opt-in? What does healthcare realistically look like after Medicare?  

Thanks for your question. This is outside my specific finance area of expertise, so I reached out to my friend Faye Beaudette at AF Insurance LLC company to help answer for us below.

To know what your medical expenses will be once you become eligible and enroll in Medicare, will be based on what your current policy covers. As a general rule, I usually see that the Medicare coverage is better than employer-based plans. However, that is not always the case.

And yes, when you enroll in Medicare, you would want to look at some type of additional coverage to go with your Medicare. There are two options that you can choose from. One would be a Medicare advantage plan which is called a Medicare Part C plan and it has your medical, prescription, drug coverage and extra benefits like dental and vision packages all in one. The other option would be a Medicare supplement plan, which is medical coverage only and then you would also want to pick a Medicare prescription drug plan to cover your medications. With this option you would have two policies.

~ Faye Beaudette, CEO, AF Insurance LLC 

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